Creaking/crunching noise -- control arm? motor mount?

I’ve been trying to chase down a creaking noise from what I think is the front passenger side for about a month now – it happens when I accelerate and the weight of the car (2005 mercury mariner) shifts. It’s mostly a creak but almost a knocking/crunching sound that seems to correspond to when I give it gas.

I recently got my sway bar links and tie rod ends replaced, so I could have sworn it was a bushing on the control arm. Spraying silicone grease doesn’t do anything, and last night I noticed what I think is the same noise happen when I shift from park to drive.

Could this be a worn motor mount? I’d rather replace that on my own than have to bring it in and get a new control arm installed so I can get a realignment.

What about the sway bar bushings?

They can make a creaking noise, when going over bumps

I should have said, the sway bar is new too – I took a look at the bushings just to make sure and they looked OK to me. Also, going over bumps does not recreate the noise, nor does pushing down on the front end of the car.

Sounds more like a motor mount.

Could be strut mount