Money grab

Went to renew my DL online. Nice option to have, saves everyone a lot of time and money. As the process winds through the information and options, I am presented with the option to keep my motorcycle certification for another $5. What? There is no cost involved to the state. I already have it, it costs nothing to retain it, it is only a check box on the license. In the end, the cost is reasonable at $65 for the next 5 years but charging for something like this just does not sit right with me…

In WA,
$54 renew + $30 motorcycle = $84 for 6 years
$72 renew + $40 motorcycle= $112 for 8 years

Add a CDL to it for
$54 renew + $102 CDL + $30 motorcycle =$186 for 6 years
$72 renew + $136 CDL + $40 motorcycle=$248 for 8 years

I dropped my motorcycle endorsement last time I renewed, Haven’t been on a bike in 40 years, and the way traffic is around here, didn’t think I ever will be again. $208 was enough for me, and next time it’s due, won’t need the CDL.

Just another normal day in state government.

Ohio instituted a penalty fee for titled vehicles that were not registered a number of years ago. I am sure this was to slap people for not renewing their registration on time. Hit em even if the cops didn’t catch them.

It affects folks with project cars in barns and garages that haven’t been registered for years but are not being driven. A punitive fee for doing nothing wrong. Stupid.


Not necessarily in every state:

hmmm … seems like a friendly provision, friendly state … wondering if NJ would let me drive my Corolla there? … lol …

Of course you could–theoretically–drive your old Corolla here. But, is it really ready for a cross-country journey?

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My township even has an ordinance prohibiting keeping inoperable vehicles anywhere on your property, even in your own garage. There’s a steep fine. And they can haul the car away, and then charge you for it.

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That prohibition is fairly common… and a bit ridiculous when it reaches into the garage. I don’t see the justification for that. Sure, I don’t want projects cars littering my neighborhood either but that’s what a garage is for.

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in Arizona, our normal licenses are good 'til we turn 65. not sure what renewal is then.

For CDL, as long as it hasn’t expired, I think last year I paid $20 to renew for 5 years.

My wife inquired of the township attorney as to what the purpose of the ordinance was, he couldn’t or wouldn’t provide a clear answer.

Neighbor sensitivity seems to vary widely about diy’er car repairs. One of my neighbors was perturbed by me doing a Corolla CV boot replacement job, in garage, garage door open. Most neighbors don’t seem to care about that sort of thing, but some do.

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Where is this place so I can avoid it?

Unless there’s covenant that I agreed to when I moved in - I’d tell that neighbor to pound sand.

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