Digital License Plates

New tech is fine to a point but paying $700 plus an $8 monthly fee on top of licensing/registration taxes for a vehicle license plate is not in my budget!

That’s really cool. Too bad in about 6 weeks some 9 year old will figure out how to hack it to say whatever they want. I can’t wait until it is mandatory and I buy a car for $1000 and the registration and tag fee is north of $700. YIPEE !!


Another instance of a solution trying to find a problem.


Shhhhhh! You never know what bureaucrats could be reading your post (you know, instead of them “working”) :slight_smile:

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Too risky! I can see a black market device that changes the plate number. Great for thieves.


Sounds like a nightmare for police when plates are busy displaying messages rather than plate numbers.


100% guaranteed someone’s gonna hack these things and make them display porn.

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Yes. I see no advantage. I am still capable of applying new stickers every 2 years.

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The advantage is for the company making them and the state. Eliminate the manufacture of plates and stickers, remove all the labor of managing the entire process flow and still charge the same amount for registration. Win-win-lose.

I don’t buy vanity plates, organization plates, or save-the-whatever plates. Thes plates aren’t going on my cars. If someone else wants to buy them and advertise Alfred E. Neuman for president, that is their prerogative.

I don’t understand why I am required to have a front license plate. It’s ugly, creates aerodynamic drag, and many states don’t require them. Of course they are essential for the questionably legal revenue generating cameras and radar guns love them.

I think it I should all about vehicle identification. It costs very little to manufacture two plates, and almost all of the registration fees go to anything but buying the plates.