Mold or Mildew that's the question

My wife’s car is a 2004 Jetta and has a mold or mildew problem. It was a leaky water bottle in the back seat that started it all. We have tried an expensive ionizer and I have cleaned the upholstery with a Little Green machine to no success. Can anyone suggest other options to try before we get the darn thing re-upholstered? I am worried about her health so anything would help here.

I suggest:

  1. Remove the seat, carpet and all else that got wet.
  2. Clean surfaces with Dawn dishwashing liquid, water, and a brush.
  3. Dry it thoroughly-probably several days or more
  4. Reinstall
  5. Be prepared for this to fail. You may need to install new upholstery, carpeting, etc.

I inherited a car with a mold problem. I took it to Arizona for three years and that fixed it. If you can 't do that you might have to replace the damaged parts.

Try using Boric Acid and water. Mix about a pound to a half gallon of water and spray everything really well.

A mixture of bleach and water will also kill mold spores. Mold and mildew will not grow without moisture. You need to kill the mold/mildew with whatever you choose and then dry the aread thoroughly and keep completely dry. That should do it.

Let me add that bleach can discolor fabric so you would not want it on fabric or carpet without testing first.

I would go to a reputable “auto detail” shop and ask them. If none in your area try talking to an auto body shop for a refural. Get couple opinions. Do not use bleach on it.

That expensive ionizer is really a toy. To do what is needed takes a real industrial model. I suggest giving Serve-Pro or a like fire recovery outfit, a call. They have the tools and experience for this work and it includes cars.