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Eliminate all mold in car?

I inherited a nice Camry with low mileage and it runs like a dream, but has a serious mold problem (due to a leaky window which has since been repaired). The detailer removed the carpet, replaced the pads underneath, sprayed the vents, dosed it up with Lemon Fresh - but one month in the humid South and the mold smell was overwhelming again. In addition to the upholstery, I’m pretty sure it’s in the HVAC system too.

Is there any way to salvage this car for under $6K? I figure replacing the carpet, and the seats, but what else (specifically) can/should be done to completely eliminate the mold? It seems a shame to junk a mechanically-sound car for mold…

Have you tried to have the seats steam cleaned? What about the carpet in the trunk? The condenser coil could be it to. You could have it cleaned, but you would notice it more with the air condition on.

I would give an industrial grade Ozone generator.  Check out a local home restore outfits for price quotes and see what they say.  These places usually work on homes but most if not all will also work on cars.  If they do the job right, it may take care of the problem.