Mold in Interior of Car

We have had a particularly wet summer and winter in the South. I have a hobby car that is under a carport and covered with two fabric car covers. I decided to work on the car and discovered that there is mold (the greyish white kind) on the carpet and on parts of the seat. What product can I use to wipe this off and help prevent it from returning? Thanks

Unless you can find a bottle of sporaclean around somewhere.

You need to have air circulation under the cover to prevent mould.

Is this hobby car a convertible or hard roofed (2dr, 4dr, hardtop)?

The only way you are going to get rid of this is to fumigate the car with an agent that is proved to kill mold. If it is a common car, I would seek replacement seats in a salvage yard and get a new carpet. You could reupholster the seat.