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Mitsubishi Spyder tachometer up, but lagging acceleration

2001 Manual GT Spyder is getting a little pokey. If I try to accelerate, the tach jumps 10K, before the car notices that my foot is in the carpet. Only 55K and a modicum of hot rodding and regular maintenance.

Automatic transmission or manual? Rocketman

If your engine is really revving to 10k on the odometer…then you are seriously over-revving this engine.
Truthfully, I don’t think that this engine would rev to more than 7,500 RPMs before it self-destructed or was shut down by the vehicle’s electronic controls.

Anyway, if the engine is revving very high with little or no acceleration response, I would guess that your clutch is worn out. I would suggest having this checked out before you wind up stranded on the road.

It’s a manual trans.

Clutch is almost warn out. Do you know how to test for a warn clutch? Rocketman

Your “modicum of hot rodding,” and slipping the clutch, has worn the clutch out. Next step: tell your mechanic. Take money.

…and stop this “modicum of hot rodding” unless you want to replace the clutch again in 55k miles.

Not 10K, 2-3K before engage. 10K is just my imagination.

Turns out these Spyders are sort of weak in the clutch department as I have found quite a few complaints in my research. In my case, just a bit slippery and just on the verge, so it is better safe than sorry.

Mechanic confirms the clutch is ready for a replacement. Damage is $1,300, mostly labor because it is a #%@%$$ front wheel drive rats nest (I’ve seen the rats). Not too bad considering that replacing it with the new model would be $39,000 or so more.

My main hot rodding and clutch burning is just getting onto the freeway here in Dallas. We seem to excel at cutting people off by closing gaps. Gotta gas it just to find a gap before they realize I need in and close up.

I can’t wait for self-driving radar cars, but I’m sure those will be illegal in Texas because the are not anal enough. How anal is it here? Well, when they tailgate you so you’ll get out of their way… and you don’t seem to right away… they back off a bit and then come at you again, just so to be damn sure you see them this time.

You all might be interested, we don’t use hand signals in Texas anymore. Nobody waves their hands (and specific fingers) unless they have a gun permit.