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50K miles on my 2005 mits.and company won't warranty my transmission

I recently had difficulty putting my 2005 mitsubishi into 1st or 2nd gear. Took it to the dealer and they stated transmission problems to first and second gears are from driver error and therefore won’t be covered under my 100K powertrain warranty. They said the brass synchros are worn and this would occur from resting my hand on the shifter while driving or hard shifting the transmission.(which, neither one of those things I do) My spyder has 50K miles on it. I’ve been driving 5spd for 20 years w/o repacing a clutch let alone transmission problems. I’ve tried to get service records from previous cars I’ve owned to show no history of transmission problems but the dealers have purged their files. I’ve already started the process of filing a dispute with NCDS but need to gather info in my favor. I could use any help anyone could offer. As it stands now, I’m responsible for the $2000+ bill at the dealership. The district rep won’t budge stating the parts are worn and not defective. The local service manager tried to plead my case - with no luck. Apparently due to the economy the gray areas of warranty are being denied. And I heard this twice from the service manager and my service advisor. I need help!!!

Worn synchronizers at only 50k miles usually points to what they’re claiming but there could be another reason.
That could be a slightly worn and dragging clutch which can make shifting more difficult and cause more wear in this area.

If the clutch has been dragging a bit and you’ve been having to force it into gear along with suffering a bit of “gear clash” when shifting from 1 to 2 then this could fall back on you unfortunately.

You could research if the claim that resting you hand on the shifter really does lead to excessive syncro wear or is this urban legend stuff.

You could show that the only problem with the trans is worn syncros, abuse would show damage or a certain wear pattern on the gears themselves.
A second opinion as to the damage to the trans would be of value
Mitsubishi exclusive Bulletin Board could help if there are others that had the same problem

If all else fails I wouldn’t let this Dealer repair the trans

Have you been a steady customer of this Dealer?

Ant attempt to compromise (you pay labor,or part of,they pay parts)?