Mitsubishi gone haywire

We recently took our Mitsubishi Endeavor (05) in for some routine maintenance - got new tires put on and a timing belt replaced from our trusted mechanic (seriously trusted mechanic - he has been great through the years). That went well.

We were just pulling up to the garage to pick up our car when we hear the wail of the horn going off continuoulsy. Come to find out our mechanic knew that we had the SRS Indicator light on - it’s been on for a while. He decided to check that out. With the car still running, he hooked the scanner to the car to check things out - at which time the horn started. He got that stopped, but then noticed that the rear wipers were going off and the rear ‘water sprayer’ to clean the windows was just spitting water down the car. He got that to go away, but then the brake lights wouldn’t turn off.

Needless to say he had to keep the car overnight and start again on it today. But he and my (mechanically minded) husband were both stumped as to why it was doing that. (I was assured this was not a demon taking over our car and there was no need to call a priest. Which is good, as I am not actually Catholic.)

Any ideas why it would do this? What expensive, hard to install part do we have to replace?