Crazy Horn!

I have 2006 Honda civic my SRS indicator light came on and stayed on about a week and a half ago, Today while driving the car i turned the steering wheel and the horn went on by itself and even stayed on for a minute. Later the volume on the radio went off when i turned the steering wheel and then the cruise control light came on and stayed on, i cant’ turn it off. The horn no longer works. Can anyone tell me whats going on and how to fix. Thanks! Civic lover.

Your “clockspring” mechanism needs to be replaced. It’s a mechanical/electrical device in yout steering column that allows the necessary circuits in your steering column to stay intact when you turn the wheel. The attached link should provide some insight.

NOTE: unless you get the proper procedure and follow it to the letter, I urge you NOT to try to replace this yourself. Your airbag needs to be properly deactivated before digging into your steering column. Failure to do so properly can be very dangerous.

The Honda factory shop manual for the '06 Civic calls it the “cable reel.”