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Horn honks when headlights turned off. Sporatic

I apologize if this has been asked in a similar way, but using the search function I found nothing.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Model: 2005 Evolution

Scenario: After driving to work one rainy morning I parked the car, turned off the ignition then turned off the headlights. The instant I turned the headlights off my horn started honking and would not stop until I turned my headlights (not the ignition) back on. I then turn the lights off again, get out of the car, shut the lights off, close the door, and the horn starts honking again. I quickly jump back into the car, turn the lights (and perhaps ignition) on and the horn stops. I get out, lock the door and everything seems on the level. I quickly make an appointment at the dealer for the issue.

That same day, I take my car to the dealership drop it off and pick it up the next day. They said they changed some relay, (i thought at the time, a relay? what?) and I happily head home.

Four days later I get to my destination after driving for 20 minutes or so, and the problem resurfaces. While turning the lights on and off stopped the horn, it did not stop it permanently. I immediately call the dealership and tell them I am on my way. As I am pulling into the dealer the problem is still going on (i was driving down the highway with my horn blaring - the looks were killing me) - I am given a loaner at no charge, I then head home.

One week passes and the dealership cannot find nor reproduce the problem. Also, they admit nothing was changed the first time I brought the car in. I reluctantly dropped off the loaner today, and picked up my car.

I do not feel the issue is fixed (the audacity of these people, trying to sell me a brand new 08 MR because their service department cannot duplicate my issue).

Has anyone had a similar issue with their horn/headlights ?

Anyone suggest anything I can look at?

Thanks and sorry for the length.

-Chris P.

Oh, and before I forget:

There is no aftermarket alarm. All work and electronics are OEM.

Thanks again!

-Chris P.