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Mitsubishi Eclipse 2001 cut wires hanging what are they?

Hey I got an eclipse the other day that shorts batteries and also just found these wires under the car hanging go to link for pics. the small wire is hanging just behind the passenger door and the one that has a tube is in about the middle of the car and slightly closer to passenger side what are these wires hanging (Sorry I am only 17 so if you could let me know as much as possible that would be great.) also I haven’t been able to turn car on yet since I got it the battery is dead so waiting on a charger I ordered online to come in. (Link Updated)

“shorts batteries” ? what does this mean? More details please.

Odds are that you need a new battery at this point. But try charging it.

Unconnected wires cannot cause a short, so you have some other problem, but it’s a good idea to find out what those wires are for.

I’ll have to let the experts comment on the photos. Note that I had trouble viewing them.

Batteries do not charge.I assume its the alternator I am waiting on a multi-meter and charger to come in the mail to test it. I just changed photo websites hopefully viewing is easier.

Wires that run under a vehicle to the rear are usually for such things as EVAP system control components, fuel pump/sending units, and wheel speed sensors if the vehicle is equipped with rear ABS.

And those weren’t cut. It looks like they were ripped out.


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That wiring was added the the vehicle, a manufacture wouldn’t hang wiring from the fuel lines with cable ties.

Does the car have a trailer hitch? Follow the wiring to the back.

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Nah it doesn’t have a trailer hitch its a sports car. the small wire in the pics has 4 wires they are red,blue,white,black haven’t checked bigger harness yet.

You keep saying batteries . Are you trying to start with different batteries or trying to jump start? You can remove the battery and take to Auto Zone and have it charged and checked. If the vehicle starts after that then have the alternator checked also.
I really hope you did not purchase a non-running vehicle from Craigslist.

No I got it for free actually the guy said it ran fine just the battery doesn’t keep charged and dies. He got a brand new battery and it died two so it sat for around 6 months then he gave it to me because he bought a brand new car. I’ll be checking alternator when I can. Just wondering what these wires are.

Could you possibly ask the person who gave you the vehicle what the wires are?

The EVAP control system has red, blue. white, and black wires as part of the circuit.


Ok thanks.

Yea I’ll ask him when I see him next.

Since you are fairly new to car repairs I presume, one caution. Be sure not to try to run the engine with the battery disconnected. Some first time diy’er try this in a attempt to figure out what’s wrong with their battery or charging system, but the alternator must always be connected to a battery when the engine is running. Otherwise expensive electronics in the car’s computer system & elsewhere can be destroyed.

Shops can easily determine if a battery is good or not. They’ll charge it up, then do something called a “load test”. No need to wonder. And the test isn’t very expensive. Some will do it gratis, as a courtesy in fact. Best way to do that is to remove the battery from the car first. That way you know the car isn’t affecting the test.

A diy’er can get a pretty good estimate whether the alternator is working or not just by measuring the voltage (at the battery posts), comparing when the engine is running vs stopped. You’ll need an inexpensive DVM to do that. Engine stopped, battery mostly charged, it should measure around 12.5 volts. Running, if the alternator is working, around 14-15 volts. At least right after first starting a cold engine that has been sitting overnight. The voltage will usually go down to around 13 volts after the car has been idling a while.

Thanks for the info