2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Battery and alternator

NEED HELP! My battery kept dying so I replaced my Battery and Alternator. Then I could not get it to start when the engine was cold i ran my check engine light and i had to replace my camshaft sensor. Easy. So then the new alternator i bought was actually used and the battery kept dying. The car ran good when the battery was charged but it was only running off the battery and would eventually die. I bought a brand new alternator and is still not charging my battery. I have did a quick alternator test by taking off a battery terminal when the car was running and it should keep running but it instantly killed the engine every time. HELP.
2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS 2.4L

Do NOT do that! Modern cars won’t always keep running if you do that and you can cause damage!

I can’t make heads or tails about your problem from your post. Did you just decide to change your battery and alternator based on a guess that was the problem… or did you test both to see which actually IS the problem? If you are just changing this stuff yourself to fix the problem, stop. That is a guaranteed way to spend lots of money to fail to fix your car. What voltage do you read from the battery? What voltage do you read from the battery with the car running?

With what? What code did you find? The actual numbers - P0123 - please.

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Check fuse #1 in your under hood fuse box, it’s a 60 amp fuse for the charging system.

What voltage do you measure at the battery posts when the engine is running? What voltage was it before you started the engine?