Misubishi Catalytic Converters

My Mitsubishi just turned over 80,000 miles and it failed inspection because the Catalytic Converter need to be replaced. I bought my car in California where the warranty is 100.000 miles but have been told by Mitsubishi that since I took the car out of California the California warranty is void and since the car is past the Texas warranty I have to pay full price for a replacement. This does not sound right as I can find nothing that says removing the car from California voids the California warranty. Suggestions and help please.

This one is a bit sticky but my gut feeling is that Mitsubishi is probably correct in what they’re telling you.
The warranty on converters is by the Federal government at 8 years/80k miles. Anything over this is something that is piled on by the manufacturer or the state.

I think the bottom line will be whatever is stated in the owners manual.

You should also keep in mind that if a converter has really failed then it often fails because of something that contributed to the failure.
Converters are also something that can be easily misdiagnosed so you might provide some info about how this diagnosis came to be.