VW Taureg CatalyticConverter Warranty

Recall that cats are warrantied for a long time (100,00 miles/10 years?); VW dealer says because of check engine light the cat has to be replaced. Only 80K on 2004 car. Am I right this should be free replacement?


I’m say thinking 80K miles, but am not sure. I would certainly ask the dealer. or check my emissions warranty info that came with the car.

I believe they are covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles in the US. That does not include all the connected and necessary equipment. Those may have shorter warranties. If you have 80,000 + miles, I believe you missed the window. However it would not hurt to try and talk them into at least a partial good will deal.

The dealer may be right, or he may be wrong. Well-intentioned people on this site may be right, or they may be wrong.

Luckily, the factual answer to your question is sitting in your glove compartment. Consult the booklet listing all of your warranties (there are several) for the official word on this issue.

I agree. Read your owners manual.

Federal emissions warranty is 80,000 miles. If you are over 80,000 and are not covered by any manufacturers warranty then you are SOL. I would check with an aftermarket supplier of Cats for a cheaper replacement.

Are they absolutely certain it’s the catalytic converter(s)? did they read the code(s) stored by the car’s computer? I find it had to believe that a newer car like this would have the cat go bad on it already. Sometimes a faulty o2 sensor will throw a code that will make it look like it’s the cat, but it’s just a $2 sensor going bad.