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Catalytic Converter Question

I have a 2000 Chevy Camaro. Two years ago my catalytic converter went out and I had it replaced. 20,000 miles later my mechanic says that I need to replace it again. Is this accurate? I thought the life of a Catalytic Converter was much longer. Should it still be under warranty?

Please help. I do not know much about Converters.

Original factory converters are under a Federal emissions warranty for 8 years/80k miles but that’s water under the bridge now. Two years ago would have likely put you just out of range.

Converters, like O2 sensors, are often misdiagnosed and unless something is killing them (raw gas being dumped into the exhaust, chronic and long term misfire, engine coolant seeping into the combustion chambers, etc.) a converter really should last the life of the car.

I would suggest getting a chain type auto parts house to scan the car for codes. They will do this for you free; apparently in any state except California and Hawaii. Post any results back here for discussion.
Knowing what codes are present could help in trying to sort this out.

I just today posted a thread on just what you are asking, I figure I have done my part.