Missing Thread

The recent thread (DCX) that myself and Docnick I believe it was responded to disappeared pretty quickly, go figure.

Just for a chuckle, I did a search on the company (?) and no listing for the CEO, no listing at the CO. Sec. of State’s office, no BBB listing, no address or phone number cross-reference.

Apparently this multi-national company (?) is running out of the “shop” mentioned, which is a paint and body outfit in LaFayette, CO.

According to them they’re open for business 24/7, 365 days a year.

They must have the metabolisms of hummingbirds there.

My little search led to this.


Guess the music gigs are coming a little slow. I had to wave the white flag at the 5:38 mark of the one about watts/volts/amps.

If they don’t yank this thread maybe it can serve as a future reference about scams or provide a giggle or two for the regulars.