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Missing Relays 00 Mitsubishi Galant ES

I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES V6 3.0L with missing relays.
I believe they are for anti theft, check engine, and battery/charging.
I’ve been trying to locate the exact ID for these relays with no luck.
Any ideas? Thanks.
Screenshot_20190905-181028_Gallery Screenshot_20190905-211422_Gmail

I start by looking around in

Many cars have some empty relay sockets from the get-go.

There are no connectors in those cavities so installing relays for the security system or a fuse for the convertible top won’t enable those features.


Oh i thought that was for the sun roof.
I have a check obdii code for a bad battery but the lights don’t turn on in those areas.
I took apart the cluster and the bulbs were good.
I guess I just mainly need the check engine one in case I develop a serious issue where it should flash to warn me.
I’ll focus on that for now.
Thanks for the insight.

I’ll check it out.

It’s possible the fuse for the check engine dash warning light circuit is blown.

Car’s 20 years old! Not complaining, just commenting ( I have an older one), but I’d head to a U-pick salvage yard that has one or more of these little beauties.

the CEL circuit has a fuse? hmm, you pull it to turn off dang warning light?

The fuse for the CEL is shared with other lamps I expect. On my Corolla the power for the CEL is taken from the brake lamp circuit as I recall. So yes, I could turn off the CEL by pulling that fuse, but then the brake lamps wouldn’t work either.