2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES wont start

I just recently bought this car knowing that the breaks and oil need to be changed out for a low price. It came with a valet and master key. I had drove it just 2 days before to a place it was off street. I came to check for what was needed for the breaks to check pricing and the car will not start. power seems to be working but engine makes no noise when i turn the key. i have a obd2 usb im gonna run on it but was seeking to see what the problem might be. I have tried using an unporgrammed valet key first maybe have not noted the differnce yet. I was wondering if using a vale key would activate the anti theft system or is it a different problem and what else it might be. gonna try jumping it when i get a charger or another car to use!

Is there an anti theft symbol flashing on the instrument Cluster?

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, place the shifter in neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts the problem is with the park/neutral safety switch.


It sounds like the engine is not even cranking . . . based on “no noise when I turn the key.”

First thing to do is check the battery, since it is the foundation of the car’s electrical system

You could bring the battery to a parts store and have them test it. If it’s over 5 years old, it could very well be bad or on its last legs

A weak battery might be just fine for lights, radio and the cluster, but not enough to crank over the engine

Also check if you have 12V at the appropriate starter terminals in start position

will check voltage of the battery via multimeter since the lights are lighting up. motor dont even attempt to start gonna have to try it tomorrow if anyone else gots something to try let me know!
i didnbt notice if anything was showing via indicator lights except the change oil.

Check the positive battery cable at the starter. It may be loose or coroded…or even broken off.

Also check that the ground cable to the engine block is good.


I have found the battery is at 6.3 volts which is a reason that starter is not enabling. the person i bought it from stated that he put in a new battery but it kept dying on him.the back trunk dont close cause latched is not latching. lock seems to work able to shove screw driver upwards into the lock and make it seat and the pull chain works to release the lock. is there a fuse i can pull or something to disable to trunk to see if that is killing the battery while it sits?

Just take out the light bulb, as that fuse may affect other things also.

there is no light in the trunk. I have not looked for a dead bulb will that pull current still. i dont think it is the alternator since it is charging while it is running.

If the battery keeps dying, use your multimeter to perform a parasitic draw test

Ideally, you want less than 50 milliamps

ok will do was seeing that with a search let you guys know how it is and if i need more info!