Miss Lube Rack 1955

This is for the lube rack crew, the grease monkeys…Can you guess who the pin-up is? Today, she is a prominent California politician…


OK, you started it. 'Spose she hit her head on the rack and made a hard left turn?

Funny but its fake, evidently. Taken in 1951 when dear Nancy would have been 11 years old.

Nancy Pelosi.
The shop must have been crooked.

I can almost hear her now: “If you want to know how much it’ll cost for us to lube your car, let us do it!”

This is just one more bit of bogus agit-prop from the right wing.

Take a look at the explanation of why it is bogus:

Also here:


Any time you see a famous name attached to a pic like this it’s BS 99.999% of the time.

Isn’t there a saying along the lines of, “If your enemies aren’t bothering to attack you, you’re just not relevant anymore”? I forget where I saw it, but I saw a montage photo with the 22 faces of the people who are currently running for POTUS. The caption was, “One of these people will be our next President. Got Gold?”

When she was 11, She was Nancy D’Alesandro, and lived in Baltimore. IIRC, her father was mayor of Baltimore.

Sorry guys…I usually catch this stuff right out of the box but I fell for this one hook, line and sinker…It’s amazing the time, effort and money that the Far Right puts into generating political propaganda…

Don’t feel too bad about it, Caddyman.
I have a friend who is very intelligent, but–unfortunately–also very gullible.
At least once a week, he forwards something as bogus as this particular Nancy Pelosi agit-prop.
Then, being the patient teacher that I am, I respond with a point–by-point refutation of the right-wing stuff that he forwarded to me, including links to accurate information.

His response is always an embarrassed acknowledgement that he had forwarded fairly obvious bogus info, and he is also honest enough to say…But I wanted to believe it!

And, therein lies the problem, I think. Instead of researching spam e-mails (rather than immediately forwarding them), all too many people see something that they want to believe, and as a result also believe that it must be true.

Caddyman, are you suggesting that the far left doesn’t put huge gobs of money into generating political propaganda?

Given the reputation of Congress today, I think it is more honorable to be affiliated with the lube rack. At least something worthwhile is accomplished under the grease rack

Well said, Triedaq.

are you suggesting that the far left doesn't put huge gobs of money into generating political propaganda?

First, we would have to define “far left,” because the establishment Democratic party is moderate-centrist at most. The far-left would not be endorsing TPP, just as one small example.

People like Sanders are closer, but even they are not anywhere close to what one would consider “far” left, but for the purposes of argument, let’s say they are.

Now, are you claiming that campaigns of Sanders and others like him engage in Segretti/Rove-like propaganda campagins? “Rat-f–king” (google it), turning purple hearts into a political liability, claiming the President must not have been born here because he’s black, etc? I think you’d have a difficult time proving that.

First define “far right”.
You do realize, I hope, that for every dirty trick you tag the “far right” with I could tag one on the “far left”. The debate could go on forever.

Yes, the campaigns of the “left” absolutely engage in the same type of propaganda campaigns. It disgusts me from both sides of the political spectrum.

Well, I don’t think so, unless you’re asserting that the “far right” does not exist on the political stage in this country as I would assert the “far left” does not. We’ve been shifted so far right from Reagan onward that people mistakenly think the current President is far left, when he’s not. He only appears to be far left to someone so far out on the right wing that they can no longer see the airplane. :wink:

A far left position would advocate 100% socialism, with no private profit or businesses allowed, and would therefore advocate complete government funding of every aspect of everyone’s lives since no one would be allowed to make any money and would therefore have to be a permanent ward of the state.

I am frankly unaware of anyone – at least anyone who has any sort of recognition beyond “edgy” teenager internet forums – who qualifies.

Before this thread gets shut down, @shadowfax, I’d add that your opinion about “far left/far right” is just that: an opinion. I happen to disagree with you: I feel that both parties have gotten more polarized, and both occupy “anti-centrist” positions. Our current president is (IMO) far to left of the last Dem who held that office. To cite specific examples, Clinton did not put coal-miners out of work, he ran a balanced budget, and he pushed NAFTA. Oh, he also stated “welfare as we know it is over.” (possibly a paraphrase.)

Given the reputation of Congress today, I think it is more honorable to be affiliated with the lube rack. At least something worthwhile is accomplished under the grease rack
Wasn't it George Carlin who said, "If 'con' is the opposite of 'pro,' isn't Congress the opposite of progress?"

Some of us are not commenting lest a food fight begin.

@meanjoe75fan I think pointing out that it’s an opinion is, to be frank, so obvious as to be pointless. Of course it’s an opinion - that’s all anyone’s expressing in here. :wink:

Our current president is, indeed, to the left of the neo-conservative positions Clinton took on destructive job outsourcing treaties and social services. This does not mean he is “far left,” “radical left,” “communist,” or whatever else his detractors wish to say about him. The truth is that many of us who actually do consider ourselves liberal are disappointed in Obama for not being left enough.

We do seem to agree on congress, however. Particularly this one. If Carlin thought that back in '08 before the gridlock train had really left the station, imagine what he’d say about it today. (check with Lewis Black - there’s another comedian who gets it - and is slightly less vulgar while being orders of magnitude more angry about it to boot! :wink: )

Can we please get back to “miss Lube Rack”?

I don’t doubt the explanation that this is not really Nancy Pelosi, some clown with a bad sense of humor made it up and posted it on the internet. But I also see no dishonor in a woman having BEEN “Miss Lube Rack”, whoever she actually is. The real Miss Lube Rack should be proud to have won the contest. She was, and probably still is, a lovely woman. There’s absolutely no shame in that. I only wish that when I was young I had been handsome enough to have won a contest… or even gotten more dates. I had more Danny DeVito in my looks than I had Tom Selleck. My posing for a photo would not have caught the eye of women the way I’m sure this young lady caught the eye of men.