Mini Cooper Steering



I am looking at a Mini Cooper for sale, great price, no dents, low miles. However, there is a creaking sound when you turn the wheel to make a sharp turn. It sounds like it is coming from the steering column around your knees when your driving. What is the problem? Would this problem be a quick fix or could it be a reason to call off buying this car?


What year and model is this and how many miles? It could have a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) which makes noise when you turn the wheel from lock to lock.


If the noise is coming from the area of the steering column, it is likely to be plastic bushings in the column that are making the noise. This may be annoying, but it is not a serious issue.

If the noise is coming from the hub of the steering wheel, it could be the clock spring that is making noise. Since the clock spring’s role is to maintain electrical contact for things like the horn and any controls that are mounted in the steering hub, a problem with the clock spring could wind up being very troublesome.

If the seller is a dealership, tell them that the sale is contingent upon resolving the noise issue.


It’s a 2002, it only has 55,000 miles. It makes the creaking noise when you turn the wheel, even when not moving.


I am buying from a private seller. It has been on the market for a week at a good price and with low miles, that is why i am suspicious that this is a bad problem.