Mini cooper s 07

hi there my brake lite came on- couldn’t stand taking it 2 dealership even though i have e/w a friend did change the front the back ok he got the senory wiring replaced also still lite is on if he d/c battery & hooks it back up will it reset lite also how do i find out what e/w i have & how do i find a g/h mehcanic in vegas 1 more think the driver side the sunvisor clip was tight & broke away from the screws can i fix it or where can i get it fixed thanks 4 your time tami

I’m sorry, the only thing I understood is your brake light is on. I’m assuming it’s the red light on the dash. Have you checked the fluid? On most cars the light will come on when the level in the master cylinder is low.

You can use the Mechanic Files feature on this site to check for a local mechanic. Also ask friends or neighbor for a recommendation. The mechanic I’ve been using for the last 16-17 years was recommended by my neighbor.

If you could repost your questions with punctuation and complete words, you will have a much better chance of getting help. I honestly don’t know what any of the abbreviations in your post mean.

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I just noticed my original post had no line breaks after it was posted. I had to go back and add another line between the paragraphs. Breaking up the reply makes it a lot easier to understand.

I wonder if she texted this while driving?

ed b. i didn’t know how much room i had and perhaps working in the medical field i use alot of abberivations SORRY- maybe if you used a little imagination and quit be so rude an try to help you might figure out d/c means disconnected e/w means extended warranty and no inever use my cell in the car people like you make people trying to help themselves because they have no never want to go on sited like this thanks for you not so input tami

sorry ed b. i got your email confused with someone else i apologize i didn’t know how much room i had i will resubmit tomorrow and maybe you’ll be able to help me alittle more sorry about email mix up :frowning: tami

I’ve noticed that the original post will lose any extra line breaks after it is posted. Rather than submitting a new post, just post a reply here and we will take it from there. Use as much space as you need to ask your questions.

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Yes, your Mini Cooper is really a BMW, and those cars need special oil!!!

Read the ower’s manual and it will be right there. Wherever you take it, be sure that have the EXACT oil specified for your car! It will also be expensive, but you have no choice.