Vw 76

My brake lights dont work on my 1976 VW beetle. Please help if you can!!! thanks

People cannot post like this on any other Forum I frequent. Some whould ask you not to post if you are so brief.

The minimalist answer to a minimalist question.

Remove rear light covers.
Check for voltage when brake pedal is pressed.

  • If you don’t know how, just replace the bulbs.

Let us know how you get on.

Check for power at the brake light switch.
No power - check the fuse.
Power, but not through the switch with a depressed pedal - faulty switch.
Power through the switch with a depressed pedal - faulty wire connection or both bulbs faulty.

The car is going on 35 years old; it could be anything. No matter the cause, this car is bone simple to repair and should be cheap to diagnose and fix.

What is your problem with the original post. It gives all the needed information that a typical owner is going to have. Make model and year and description of the observed problem. What else do you want?

Locate The Brake Light Fuse(s) And try Gently Rolling The Fuse Side-To-Side.

These old VWs suffered from corroded fuses and fuse holders in the “Fuse Box”. If the fuse turns out to be the problem, you may have to disconnect the battery, remove the fuses, wire brush the brass pieces that hold the fuses, and then put new fuses in there. These old VW fuses sometimes just disintegrate.

I can remember wiggling fuses while going down the road to get one headlight or another to come back on line.

Also, check the bulbs and bulb holders (for juice), as suggested.

I believe the brake light switch/switches are on the master cylinder opposite the brake pedal. These switches corrode and go belly-up some times.


I want to know what steps the OP has already taken to resolve the problem.I also want to know what skill level the OP has.