Mini Cooper brakes

I have a 2006 mini cooper and the brake light just came on this week and I have no squeaking or squealing noises. I believe it is just maintenance. I am told that the rotors must be replaced with the brake pads. That raises the cost to about 400. Please tell me what you think?

Does the Cooper have a light that comes on when the brakes are worn or is the red light that indicates loss of brake pressure or low brake fluid level? Have you checked the brake fluid level in the master cylinder? The level will drop as the brake pads wear.

Who told you that the car needed new brake pads/rotors?

Ed B.

The light indicates worn brakes. I have not checked the fluid level - oh yeah the brake pads have not been replaced and I have 70,000 miles on it.

Of course the dealer told me that the rotors and the pads are always replaced together because of the way the cars are built.