Mini-Cooper brakes

Rather than go to the local BMW dealer, I opted to go to a local mechanic to replace the brake pads in my 2003 Mini-Cooper. The brake warning indicater remains lit and the mechanic told me to get it reset I would have to go to the dealer(BMW). Is there a way to avoid going back to the dealership and getting ‘hosed’?

Find an independent Mini/BMW mechanic and use them to do this type of work and at the very least reset your light.

I take my Mini to a great local import car shop. After I replaced my car’s brake pads, I was the moron who couldn’t reconnect the sensor. These guys fixed it in no time! And these import-special mechanics also carry the synthetic oil Mini recommends, etc…

If you’re in North Texas, I can recommend someone! Otherwise, follow Andrew J’s advice and search for one near you, it’s worth it!

Ever consider the fact your mechanic may be simply washing his hands of you rather than tell you he doesn’t know?
Ever consider your mechanic may have caused a problem in the ABS brake system during this brake repair?
Right now the dealer is not “hosing” you at all so why think this.

All I’m going to say is don’t bring this car to a general mechanic-it’s not a simple vehicle like a Ford. BMW designed this thing and it has its own specific quirks and computers that the average mechanic will be unfamilar with or have the equipment to deal with. I suggest from now on you find someone who specializes in these cars or go to the dealer. It’s very clear that your mechanic is unfamilar with your car.