Mini Cooper parking lights

The passenger side parking lights on my 2004 Mini Cooper sometimes either turn on by themselves, or stay on after car is turned off. Have to turn key to get them to go off. Only other current problem is that when I start the car the temp and fuel gauges are sometimes a little jumpy, not smooth.

I have heard of this before and went checking and found a couple of articles about European cars. It seems that they are designed to operate in the manner you are describing.

Here is what I found: Enables the use of the outer parking lights on left or right side. This feature consumes very little energy and is crucial if your parked in a dark alley or on a dark curb. This is a feature found on many cars in Europe due to the narrow and dark streets. Helps make the car more visible at night."

You might want to read up on your owners manual.

Thank you for your post. I looked, but could not find anything in my manual. And I have had the car for two years and this has not happened until recently, and it does not happen each time.

I believe when you leave the turn signal switch in the left or right position it will behave this way.
Are you bumping the switch when you exit the car?

Yes, if your signal light is on, either direction, when you shut off your car, that side light will stay on. It is a European feature on your MINI.