2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop - Brakes

My mini has a little over 25,000 miles and my brake light came on. the mini service people told me I need new pads front/back + rotors. the whole thing will cost me about $1700. Just checking if this seems right to you guys. thanks! lisa

Well we don’t know where you are so that may be the area price. I assume this is a dealer price. But the same rule applies . If you don’t like the price quote then you get another from an independent shop.

Sure seems pricey to me. Replacing rotors is the new normal when brakes are done, but $850 for each end seems about double or even triple what any conventional car would cost for pads and rotors. I’d get a second opinion. And then if it is really the cost, consider the long term plan for a car that will cost about $7K for brakes over its first 12 years.

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German car built in the UK and imported to the US. $$ Dealer labor rates and factory parts $$$$. That is right on what our Saab dealer wanted to charge my wife for the same job in 2006 so it seems about right. I did the job myself for $450 in parts.

Me, too!