Mini body modification


Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible or wise to extend the back of my Mini. We love our Mini but could use some extra trunk space. If anyone has done this or knows of someone who has done it, what does this entail? Thanks.


"entail? Good word choice.

You can do anything you want for enough money. Ever seen a stretch limo? Companies buy big sedans and extend them. It is not cheap. Since yours would be a one-off, it would be even more not cheap.


They do make a Mini with an extended trunk. It is called a BMW 328i wagon.


If you have some time and money this is no problem. . . .
Wait until MINI releases the Clubman.
Another throw-back to a lesser known Mini of the '60s and '70s.


Forget modifying your Mini. It’s too expensive and not very smart.

Go to your local Mini dealer and look at the new Mini Clubman. It is EXACTLY what you want.

Trade your Mini for a Clubman and be happy!