05 Mini Cooper S Convertible

Looking to buy a used mini . . . wondering if anyone has strong opinions about this car. The 05 Mini Cooper S convertible . . .

I am definitely not a car expert, I just own a mini S, although not a convertible. I LOVE my mini. It is so much fun to drive! It handles beautifully. It is definitely a sporty ride. If you are looking for a cushy ride, you won’t like it. For a tiny car it has so much room. I have very long legs. I can move the seat back and not be able to touch. I had a 6’3" girl in my car and she couldn’t touch either. We have used it to pick-up a big generator, a 42" flat screen TV, and assorted other items that wouldn’t fit in our other larger vehicle. It also does fairly well in wintery conditions. After having mine for a year, my husband wants one too. I believe from the research we did, that they are mechanically sound. I have learned the hard way that you should make sure routine oil changes and care should be done by a dealership or reputable mechanic.

Do you have a garage to keep it in?