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That's the way the old Mercedes Bends!

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THAT ain’t gonna buff out!

That has got to hurt!!!

Pole dancer named Solara?

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Craigslist: good runner, custom bodywork, minor cosmetic blemishes $8k obro


So that’s wrapping a car!

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Tech (via telephone): So what exactly is the problem with your MB sir?
Owner: I can’t reach the gas pedal.

People used to talk about wrapping a car around a telephone pole, but I never thought anyone actually did it. Incidentally right below that was the ad “Need a part? Save money while supporting Car Talk.” Must be AI or something. But yeah, much good left on that one except maybe a seat or two if the frames aren’t bent.


looks more like a Toyota to me

yes . . . I do get it

Bends = Benz

But that car has cloth seats and the glove box isn’t the kind that Benz use(d)

You guys know me by now . . . I go off topic and stay there. I go off on tangents, etc. :smiling_imp:

You and Purebred got it right, IMO. It does look like a Camry Solara convertible. It’s probably an ad for a body shop.

Maybe tornado or hurricane damage?