Mildew/Mold in Convertible Interior

I have an older convertible that I drive once or twice a month at most. When not in use, I keep it under a carport and covered with a fabric car cover. Lately, the weather has been very wet, and this morning I noticed mildew/mold forming on the interior surfaces. I cleaned with Fantastic spray and then reconditioned the leather and vinyl surfaces. Can anyone tell me what I might do to prevent this condition again? Thanks!

Your car cover is probably causing your problem by trapping moisture inside the car. Good air flow or ventilation is necessary to keeping the mold down.

Remove the car cover and let the car dry out. Most car covers keep moisture in the car, and that’s what’s causing your problem.

I have a car cover for my car that gets limited use. I stopped using it. it’s easier to clean the dust off the car than to deal with the problems caused by the car cover.

Park it in the sun or put a heater in it.