Front Wheel Drive/ Driver Front Wheel Shakes

Recently I got a flat tire. It was stuck on the hub, and i couldn’t get it off. A buddy of mine (i know first mistake) came over to help me. He banged and kicked on this tire for a while. His dad said to loosen the the lugs and put the tire on the ground and yank the steering wheel back and forth, it worked. we put the new tire on and drove around emediatly noticing the shake. In that is there any thing you two can think of, that we might have done to make it shake? Do you think it could be the bearings i have no idea Please help.

Sounds like the spare tire is badly out of balance or defective…

What caused the flat?

If you ran over something large it could explain the shake. Otherwise, I don’t think you can bang or kick the wheel hard enough to damage the wheel bearings.

I’d recommend having the wheel balance checked, especially on the tire you just installed.

The fact that you noticed the shake after installing the spare makes me suspect the spare.

Are you sure the lug nuts are torqued correctly?

i never thought of that. i ran over a screw i can plug the tire no problem. i’ll do it after work, and let you know tommorow