Middle a vents not blowing air (sometimes)

Hi, I have a Honda civic 2011. Sometimes my middle two ac vents is not blowing out any air at all ( but the sides somehow works very little ). The reason why I said sometimes is because it stopped working for a day then it would work again the following day. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I called for an estimate and the guy tells me if he has to open up the dashboard to open up the vents it would cost in upwards of 800. I’m not a mechanic and I hate it when they try to rip you off. Please anyone with any answers I need help. It’s hot and my kids would love some ac in the car.

Where DOES it blow ?
( some a/c is better than none, it doesn’t have to be in their face )
Usually the doors that open and close ( floor, defrost panel, hot/cold ) are moved by little motors. One of those may be out rosomething has fallen in there to block the door from moving.
So, yes the deas has to be disassembled to see why.

You might check the cabin air filter.

It only blows through the front view window defrost section and the sides (but very little air comes through)

for not much air at all from anywhere…Insightful has a great idea.
IF…your car has cabin air filters…( some didn’t )
Open the glove box, take out the stuff.
two little tabs on the sides stop it from opening all the way, push in the tabs to allow the box to swing down.
There’s a little access panel back there that comes off.
There are two filters in there, side by side, in plastic trays.
Slide out the first one, then slide over and out the second.
buy new filters at any McParts store…( Auto Zone, O’Reilley’s, Car Quest )

Thank you I’ll try that out

So I switched out the cabin filter and that thing was filthy. Both side vents works great but there’s hardly any air flowing through the middle two vents.

Man, middle vents only? I’m thinking mouse nest.

I am thinking blend door issues.

Okay this might be a stupid response, and late, but since I searched for this and found it, I would say double check the buttons. Occasionally I’ll think the middle vents are broken because, like you, I get air coming out both side vents but not the middle. Sucks when you’re trying to warm your right hand.
Turns out the side vents of my 2009 Honda blow air regardless of what setting I have it on (feet only, front defrost only, all result in side vent air). The middle centenaries ONLY come on if I have it on air towards my face.
Again might be obvious to some, but I was unaware of it.
Hope that helps someone sometime.

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This helped me, thank you @kaitzi