1993 Honda Civic 4 Door LX A/C Issues

I recently have had a lot of work done to the car at my local Honda dealership totaling close to $4500; new breaks, new clutch, new head gasket, new steering, two oil leaks fixed, and the raditor cheacked as the head gasket was replaced. In checking the raditor, I was told all fans are working fine. However, recently my air conditioning started to blow hot air when I am stuck in traffic. The air might be cold when I start out and as drivng but as soon as I am tuck for a few minutes the hot air atarts to blow. same problem seems to exist with the vent, where even with the hot/cold guide slid all the way to cold, hot air will star to blow. It only takes a slight bump toward warm air ans hot air blows out without any problem.

Once the car starts moving again, the vent never gets as cold as it nce did but does coll down and the a/c will start to blow coldmventually down to icy air.

Is there hopefully an easy (and inexpensive) fix to this issue?
Thanks for the advice.

Sounds as if you mix door is not moving. It has a motors drive to drive the doors. More than likely the motor is shot or door is sticking.

Consider the physics. For the AC to put cold air inside the passenger compartment, it has to put hot air (or heat) outside somehow. It could be a venting door problem as mentioned above, but for a 93 I think the latter may be your problem; i.e. there’s something wrong with getting the heat to the outside. Usually this happens in the engine compartment, there’s a fan that blows the heat from the AC away. If that fan doesn’t come on though, the heat just goes back into the inside. When you are moving down the road, the wind blows the heat away. But when stuck in traffic, well, no wind, you get the idea. So have you mechanic check to make sure all the engine compartment fans are coming on that are supposed to when the AC is turned on. If the fans are coming on, then , knock on wood, you may just need some routine maintenance to you AC system. Anything more serious then you’ll have to call in the AC specialists. They can check the compressor and the various pressures and decide what’s wrong.

"The air might be cold when I start out "

Sounds to me like the ac isn’t very undercharged

Let me rephrase that . . . I don’t think the problem is being caused by the ac charge