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where can i get Reliable info on keeping mice from destroying my cars and trucks?

I should preface the following by saying that there’s never going to be a “do it once and forget it” solution to dealing with mice. If there’s something in or around the vehicle that’s an attractant, mice will find it because–let’s face it–that’s their job and they have a lot of time to do it. Not to mention, mice are usually a lot more motivated to exploit the resources offered by a car than most vehicle owners are to prevent it. You’ll find some tips that, once they become habit, will help to reduce the problem at the Wildlife and Your Car FAQ page on this site. ~Dr. Kieran, CarTalk animal-vehicle biologist and wildlife guru.

I have two vehicles that sat a while in garages awhile and both had problems with mice in the heating and AC systems. I tried mothballs, dryer sheets, etc with no results. Then I found a product called Fresh Cab, it’s non-toxic to mice and humans, environmentally safe, has a strong yet pleasant potpourri odor, is made by a socially responsible company and most of all it WORKS! There are 4 pouches in a package and I throw one in the cabin, one in the truck and even one over each of the cabin air intakes below the wipers (then cover the intakes with plastic to concentrate the product). Of course the best solution for mice is to drive the the vehicle regularly! I live in WI and do not work for or have any affiliation Fresh Cab. You can find their site and more info on the web…Good luck - briancor

I agree with the previous poster…try Fresh Cab made by EarthKind based out of North Dakota. It’s 98% bio-based (natural) products, is guaranteed to repel rats and mice up to 100 days and it smells really nice…like lavender. I use it in my crawl space to keep the rodents from coming inside, especially in the winter and it seems to work very well. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth the cost to keep the vermin out and not be toxic to humans and pets. Their website is

Last Sunday I washed my car, a Subaru Forester. First time since…the last oil change. I was doing a through job so I pulled the bed liner out and lifted the spare tire cover. And there was a mouse and it’s very large bed. I yelled, the mouse wandered off into a crevice. My husband and I pulled everything out of the car that would come out.
He said he heard mice don’t like Irish Spring soap, neither do I. He had some Auto Expressions Fresh air freshener, Iced Mint scented. We dosed the car, closed it up and hoped the heat and smell would do the trick.
I kept spraying the mats and cloths in the glove box and on the spare tire all week. When I checked under the bed liner this morning there was a dead mouse next to his bed. I didn’t do an autopsy but I think it chewed the cloth with the air freshener spray.
I would have preferred not to kill the little guy. I hope his friends and relatives realize my car is not a healthy place to nest. Perhaps I should be worried about my health too…

Darn Mice…I just paid $300 to have my Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor replaced on my gorgeous 1998 Mercury Sable. The mice used the top of my gas tank to build a nest, chewed through the wiring and shorted out the original Sensor.