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Mice nest plugging up air conditioner

How do I prevent mice from building nests in my air conditioner?

Do repellents work? I am told that Irish spring soap works or bounce.

Best bet is to keep the car away from mice. Get rid of the mice. Second best is hardware cloth covering all openings to the system (note air comes in one opening, it goes out other openings.)

best solution is to trap, either live or snap, if you use live traps then relocate at least one mile from house…you will eventually get rid of the mice for this year at least. Try any repellent you think of…mothballs, scented soap but short of physical barriers and removal they will make do.

Check with local garden centers and see if any sell a product like this. If you can make the mice believe there’s a predator in the area they’ll leave.


You dont want to breath mothball fumes, so dont use them. Hardware cloth is good, I put some on the intake vents of my truck to keep the elm leaves out of the air ducts and it works great.