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Mice in air conditioner!

WE bought a 2007 rav4 in May; we live in Ohio (in the country) in the summers, and winter in Florida. Several months ago, our a/c wasn’t working down here very well, so we took it in, and the guy said our filter was all blocked–probably mice. Just happened again; we cleaned out the filter, found mouse ‘gifts’ in the glove compartment…what can we do?!!

This Problem Should Be Self-Correcting. Soon The Florida Snakes Will Enter The Car’s HVAC System, Find The Ohio Mice And . . . Voil? ! Problem Solved !

Oh, and about those “gifts,” and “…what can we do?!!

It would be nice to reciprocate. Most any mouse enjoys a little cheese.

You can thank me later,

Some “Early” 2007 Rav4s Have Been Found To Need A “Revised” Passenger’s Side Air Mixture Door Installed. If You Are Getting Warm / Hot Air On The Passenger’s Side And Cold Air On The Driver’s Side, That Could Be The Problem.

A Toyota dealer can check the Technical Service Bulletin using your Vehicle Identification Number to see if the bulletin is applicable to your car.

Be sure you’re sitting down when they give you an estimate for replacing the defective air mixture door. Hint: The repair bulletin is 29 pages. This job would have been covered by warranty while the car was younger than 36 months and 36,000 miles.