2013 Toyota RAV4 heater/AC/defroster

My heater and A/C only blows at the top and the defroster doesn’t put out like it should. Is this a recall? I bought this car brand new.

Check for recalls here;

No recall, and I do not expect one. Recalls are for safety issues, and I have a hard time seeing your issues as a safety problem. The same NHTSA web site also carries complaints about vehicles. None of the 132 complaints were about the heater/AC system. I suggest you take it to a repair shop and ask them to give you a written estimate to fix it. The estimate should say exactly what they will fix or replace to make your heater/AC system work again.

There a couple of bulletins about an HVAC odor and the drain hose getting clogged, but nothing about the blower or defroster I can see. You probably got two problems, one with the blower switch or the blower controller (or if used, the blower motor resistor), and possibly a defroster vent door problem.

It should be. The doors or vents should not go out that fast. It would cost a large amount to have the dash board removed to fix. Really sad.

Maybe not the cause, but when did you last change the cabin air filter? Meaning when did you personally see it was changed.

I have keep my car serviced at the Toyota in Lumberton since I bough the car never miss my appointments. They always give me a check list of what they did and they always change my filters.Are you saying maybe they didn’t change them as they should have.

I don’t know. It is in the glove compartment and super easy to check. I’d take a peek if it was me. A blocked cabin air filter does weird stuff to the airflow in vehicles. Check it out.

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A dirty cabin air filter would affect the air volume, but not WHERE it comes out

Sounds to me like you’ve got a problem with the mode door operation. Either the motor itself, or the door.

Don’t take this next question the wrong way, please

Are you fairly certain nothing could have gotten in the ductwork, and is now preventing proper operation of the mode door?

It happens a lot, and is quite common with certain vehicle models

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