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My brother (deceased ) had a girlfriend (very manipulative person ) who has left a 99 Metro 3 cyl sitting since 2012 ,now it wont run ,it will fire if you pour gas into the throttle body ,any suggestions ? How hard is it to get to the fuel pump on that thing ?

Did you drain the gas before trying to start it? If not, the fuel system could be plugged with gunk.

Yes, 4years is a long time tom let a car sit. Agree that the fuel system will need to be purges, among other things. And many items on a 17 year old car will have deteriorated and will need replacement.

Thanks I agree ,anybody know the best way to drain that cars fuel tank ?

You need to drop the gas tank, remove the fuel pump, drain the bad gas, inspect the gas tank for gum and varnish, clean/replace the gas tank, install a new fuel pump assembly, reinstall the gas tank, turn the ignition switch to run a half dozen times to re-prime the fuel system, then try starting engine while crossing you fingers.

But on a 99 GEO METRO?

I wouldn’t waste the time or money.


You might want to tow this to a shop. If there’s an inch or two of gas in the tank and you use a steel wrench and throw a spark with the pump lines disconnected… well, we might lose you. Even old gas vaporized in air will go boom sufficient to shorten your Geo’s life.

I am a former fire fighter, Fort Lewis in the 60’s. You should have at least a ten pound fire extinguisher anywhere that fire is possible. I even carry one in my car, driving around the mountains of Mexico and wish I had a 25 pounder. There is no 911 fire department. I may never see a burning car, but can at least take a stab at one if I see it.

I remember reading many years ago, a wreck probably in California. The car burned and the driver was trapped. A passer by frantically threw dirt in the car window and covered him up. He lived and the only serious injury was to his foot which was not sufficiently covered. Now, that is a really strange solution but it worked.

Would I have thought of it? Probably not.

You’ve verified there’s enough gas in the tank, right?

The situation is very strange ,but thanks Guys ,I have to agree the little car is probably junk ,but the owner doesnt have any good sense to amount to anything .
@IR ,thanks that is an extremely good suggestion - how are things south of the border ?
(What happened to Dagosa ,anyone know ?)

"but the owner doesnt have any good sense to amount to anything ."
Was that comment really necessary? I see nothing in the post to indicate that. All I see is someone trying to help another person. That should be applauded.

Well, you say she “left” the 99 Metro since 2012. Is it abandoned; i.e. is it “yours” if you fix it up, can you get a clean title? Or are you trying to fix it up for her? Since you describe her with some disdain, if it were me I’d shrug my shoulders and tell her I have no idea how to fix it.

Hopefully @cwatkin will notice your thread and comment; he’s our resident expert/enthusiast on those old Geo Metros :smiley:

Regarding the comment about not wasting the time or money, well, 3 or 4 years from now when gas is back up over $4.00 a gallon, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank (assuming the first scenario). Plus, if I recall correctly, you live in a state with the so-called “personal property tax” so you’ll save a boatload in taxes too. Ka-ching!

Based on my own experience (with a Jeep Grand Cherokee) I wouldn’t want to bother with another vehicle that had been “sitting” for multiple years. Its been an unending series of age-related issues, of course, the Grand Cherokee isn’t known for reliability in the first place. @cwatkin refers to these Metros as being idiot-simple to work on, so if you can do a lot of the work yourself and you have the time & tools to do it, why not?

There was a time when I was a young fella that I’d have given anything for a free car of any make & model if it had the potential to be repaired and drivable. But I got the impression that the OP might have been trying to help a friend. Friends like that are invaluable, even if the end result doesn’t yield the desired goal.

No Same ,shes a selfish overbearing person ,who cares only for Her own ,She still has my Brothers ashes on the TV stand refusing to allow us to inter them .
Thanks Ed ,thats good info ,it really costs to much to be poor ,in the “Old Dominion”

In that case, Kevin, you have in helping her a bigger heart than I.

I know ,but tough love finally has to kick in ,I go out of my way to help people ,there are those that take advantage of the "good hearted " I wish Her luck in Her automotive adventures ,but she will have to get Her own Folks to take up some of the slack now .
How do you convince people ,that a car sitting around ,is not in storage ?

You can’t. “Storage” means different things to different people.

Agreed .