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1991 Geo Metro Won't Start

A young 20 something girl rented an apartment from me and when she moved out, she left behind her junk furniture and an inoperable 1991 Geo Metro. I took the furniture to the dump, because even the Salvation Army wouldn’t accept it, but I thought the GEO Metro might be worth investing a few dollars into, if I could get it stated.

It sat at my apartment, undriven, for about a year before she left, so I assume it worked when she parked it on my lot. When she left, she said that it works, but had a distributor problem. I recharged the battery and the engine turns over, but will not start. The plug wires look a little cracked. Should I invest the $75 to replace plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor? I am not much of a mechanic, but thought I would try. The body is not much to look at, but I thought that if I got it running, it might turn out to be a gas saver for running little errands. Should I haul it to the dump too or invest a few dollars to see if I can get it running?

I would try, $75 is not that much. Did the girl sign the paperwork over to you and if not can you get the car in your name at registration time. If not, I would not spend the money.

I’d try it. If it does start up you’re going to want to give it a thorough going-over before taking it on the road. It would be a deadly shame if you got to the stoplight and discovered the brakes had a leak.