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Geo Metro Injector flooding carb

I have a 96 Geo Metro, and it will run ok for about an hour, the time it takes to get to town, and then it will not run hardly.I thought it was lack of gaso getting to the engine, but I pulled the air cleaner, and the injector was throwing so much gas that it was spraying out of the throttle body. I really like this car, and need it to run. I live in a very small town in Mexico, and professional help is not to be had… Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks

Your Metro doesn’t have a carb. It has TBI or Throttle body injection. If the injector is spraying out too much fuel, it may be an issue with the ECU that controls how much fuel the injector is supposed to put out.

If your injector is spryaing out fuel it’s more than likely stuck open. Even at the limits of the ECU algorhythms it’s not oing to hold the injector open that long, just mong enough to run rich.

A second possibility is a bad fuel pressure regulator allowing too much line pressure. You can buy a test kit pretty cheaply.

Thanks guys I will try these things and let you know

thanks for your help…found a guy that did a diagnostic test… not the computer… sent the carb off to the big city, they cleaned the injector… works fine now… once again thanks
and remember…don;t take things apart like i do