Anyone have any idea what this squeaking sound is?

Hello, so I’m not quite sure what this sound is and was curious if it would stand out to anyone. It’s only one wheel, if you hold the break pads the long way sideways, the sides show a lot more wear on the break pads the center. The guiding pins were also plenty lubed and looked good, along with the rotor looks good as well. The squeaking sound seems to be a lot more apparent at low speeds, and goes away with high speeds. It seems to happen at a certain point in the tires rotation. Some days it’s not there at all, others it’s pretty bad. I caught it this morning in a video

Mine sounded like this when one of my front brake caliper piston started seizing. You might smell hot metal and fell a lot of heat when you are close to the wheel. This is a video of my car making the same noise you are describing.

theres a metal tab on a lot of brake pads. when your brake pads wear down to the point of needing replacement it hits the outer edge of the rotor to let you know its time to change the brake pads. thats what it sounds like to me.
i also have had the little shims that clip on to the top and bottom of the pads have one of the ends stick out to far and slightly touch the rotor and make a squeak like that. but that was when the brakes where first installed.