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HELP!95 Subaru Impreza pulls very hard to the right.. help please!

My subaru pulls very hard to the right, so hard that I can not go any faster than second gear (It feels to un-safe) I hear a like metal on metal kind of noise, almost like a ding or a bell sound. It wobbles very bad also. It feels like my tire is about to fall off! I tried to wiggle or move the tires to see if they would move and they did not (Advise from a mechanically inclined friend) I was driving on a muddy road when it happened, and I bottomed out at least once. When you look under the car you can see exposed metal, it is dirty under their obviously and the metal that we saw was not dirty so maybe something slipped out of place or fell off? The bar that connects to the wheel has a rubber protectant thing against it or covering it and that is where the exposed metal was. Hope this info helps and thank you so much in advance!!

Honestly, there is no way of determining what the problem is online. The description is simply not concise enough and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all.

Wild guessing, I might say that the rubber part you mention is a steering rack boot but a sway bar could fall into that area also. It all depends upon the meaning of connected to a wheel.

This car really needs to be jacked up, the front wheels removed, and the suspension inspected by someone familiar with that area. I am familiar with suspension work but I cannot even begin to tell you what the problem is here as there are so many possibilities.

Bottom line, this car needs to be parked until fixed on the spot or towed somewhere where it can be inspected and repaired as necessary.

+1 with @ok4450
It seems like you’re talking about the half shaft’s u-joints so that half shaft probably needs replacing. If you bottomed out, you may have bent something as well.
Regardless, you definitely don’t want to drive it. You can do serious damage and - worse yet - hurt somebody or yourself in the process.
Tow it to a respected mechanic and have him look at it.