Messed Up Bike 2


I have a 1977 honda xr75 and recently i put a question about trying to fix it because when it does rarely start, it backfires and crackles and kills itself so someone told me to clean the carburerator which did work for a while, well i took apart my carbuerator and cleaned it, and it worked fine all morning, exept for it backfired down dirt roads. so i took the jets off again and sprayed carb cleaner in the holes, now it runs like crap again please help!


Maybe you need an inline fuel filter somewhere. If it’s running and then crapping out again, there’s stuff getting into the carb somehow.


Be very careful messing with the adjustment jets. They are easily damaged.

Setting the air and fuel jet screws to attain the right mixture is vital to avoid backfiring.

Spraying carb cleaner into the jets is quite likely just replugging the orifaces.
Make sure the carb is rebuilt properly.

The float level setting must be set to specs.


how do i know the specs?


You could try a library. They sometimes have repair manuals on older vehicles.

Also, you might do a web search for a forum pertaining to your vehicle and ask questions.


If you aren’t a motorcycle mechanic, you need a certified one. You might never be able to fix this one without training. Things like this have been happening a lot since motorcycles have been, well, made. Your fuel mileage might even become great.


i got it fixed now after tuning it