Another xr75?


my 1977 honda xr75 has been dying very suddenly, just like that other guys post, now i dont notice it until i do alot of wheelies, sometimes i smell gas when i do wheelies, i just learned them, so what is going on here, and my runswitch disconnected yesterday, is this the cause? like is the wire sparking against the motor (it was until i tied it down and it was making it cut out) also, is it ok to use the choke to kill it? (kills it immediately)


To kill the bike, you can just wire up a kill switch that will ground the ignition. They sell generic push button kill switches for 5 bucks at your favorite bike shop.

As for the fuel problem, where is it leaking from? It’s either coming out of the bowl vent on the carb or the vent on the tank filler cap. If it’s coming out of the bowl vent, you don’t really have much recourse to stop that, I don’t think. Make sure you’ve got a piece of rubber hose attached to it and running to the bottom of the frame, that will at least keep the spillage from hitting the motor. The tank cap needs to have a tube running from its vent, forward, and probably down in to the neck of the frame where the handlebars attach.

Best of luck.