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Parked bike for a year

I have a 1985 Yamaha XV700 that has been sitting for a year. I put new fuel in the tank but it still wont start. It ran very rough for a few minutes but now wont start and just cranks. Anyone have any ideas?

If the bike was stored with gasoline that contains ethanol, you’re probably looking at rebuilding the carb.

In 1985, there was no such thing as ethanol in gasoline. And that ethanol can destroy old fuel systems used back then.


The carburetor is plugged up with the residue of dried up gasoline. Whether it had ethanol or not, after a year it’s no surprise that there is a problem. If you have spark at the plugs, the next step is to clean the carb completely.

And, when you store a vehicle, either drain the fuel tank and the carburetor completely or fill the tank, put a fuel preservative in the gas, shut off the fuel lines to the carb, and then fully drain out the float bowls. A full tank won’t rust.

Agree with the previous answers. That carburetor is going to have to come off and be cleaned out.