ok so i found out the jets didnt move, but the screws on the side moved, what is that and should i move it back? and why is gas pouring out the bottom of my carbuerator? 77xr75


Well there are two or more screws on the typical carburetor. They usually have springs on them so they can be adjusted. One adjust the mix of air and fuel the other the amount of fuel at idle. If you have turned these very far and not returned them from where they came, you may have some serious derivability issues. The car many not run at all.

You also may have loosened screws holding parts together so that could cause a leak.

However I suggest that you really need to take a look to see where the fuel is leaking, which is what most of us would do if we could.

Frankly I think you are going to need to get someone who knows carbs and your car together.


To even begin to help we’d need a lot more information, such as the make, year and model of car and the engine as a minimum. Carburators have on them mixture screws, idle screws, high idle screws, bimetallic temp sensors to adjust the choke, many have external accelerator pumps (my Vega did), and lots of other stuff. The gas leaking out the bottom is probably coming from a ruptured accelerator pump diaphraghm, a gasket, or who knows what else.

Let me suggest that you find a mechanic that knows carbs. Performance shops are knowledgable in this area. Once you mess up the settings they can be hard to get running right again unless you know what you’re doing.


He’s talking about a “77xr75.” Translation: 1977 honda xr 75cc motorcycle.


a guy at a bike shop told me that i need to get the jets replaced because its running lean should i or can i just tune the screws on the side?


If gas is pouring out of your carb, you need to check the floats and pin/needle valve. I’ve had stuck needle valves in the past and the gas just keeps flowing into the bowl and flooding the engine. While your in there you can pull the jet and clean it.