"Muted Radio"

I have a ML320 2003. My tele-aid system was ugraded to the new digitel system. I paid for the subscription for this new service i forgot what the new name is . Since the up grade i have been having a problem with the radio it will not work as soon as you turn it on it stops working and on the screen the word muted comes up i have had it at the dealer so many times finally they told me it cannot be fixed. Mercedes no longer makes the radio for my car. You cannot play a cd or use the navigation system the whole thing is dead then after dead air sometimes it will come on and start playing and will play as long as i run the car as soon as i turn it off the same thing happens again i keep turning the on/off button on and off sometimes it will connect other times nothing .How can i get this fixed i want to listen to the radio or use the diferent systems and i cant get anything i think this is an uacceptable answer from mercedes and the servie department said oh well cant fix it and just left it at that. I think the new upgarade to the tele- aide does not work with the old radio and mercedes will not admit the fix that they came up with does not work. This was part of a class action suit the people won against mercedes with the old analog vs digitel systems. I could sure use some advice.

Does the radio have a mute button? If so, what happens if you push it?

There are many aftermarket head units that can do everything your system is supposed to do and more. I’d suggest that you look into one, you should be able to transfer your current subscription to a new unit (Pandora? XM?)

Here is a good place to start looking.


& be sure to remember this experience, for next time you purchase a new car.

No i do not have a mute button only on the navigation system to mute the directions but you cat mute it bedcasue you cant get into the system when the radio displays muted on the screen i have tried everything

Here is a link to some folks you might try talking to about your problem and see what they say about it. They are specialists in this area of repair.