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Mercedes Maintenance

How much does it cost to replace brakes on a Merc R 350, 2006yr. Both front and back. I hae 36K miles. Plus how long do brakes last any way? I drive mostly to the train station and back. About 10 miles each way.

The cost will vary depending on where you live and whether you take the car to a Mercedes Benz dealer or to an independent mechanic. It also depends on what gets replaced. I would budget at least several hundred dollars for this job.

Brakes last anywhere from a few thousand miles to 100,000 miles, depending, once again, on a host of variables such as the size and weight of the vehicle, where and how it’s driven, and who drives it.

City driving wears out brakes faster than highway driving.

I would skip MB dealer on this one. Any decent independent shop or even corner garage can do brakes. No special methods needed.

Good time to get acquainted with a shop that is versatile with MB or MB specialized.

Your driving style sound like in town and short trip which wears brakes down much faster based on number of time used per mile travelled. Highway travel obviously you do little application of brakes over a given set of miles.

Check parts prices here:

Get estimates from independent garages and the Benz dealer if you want to. Ask for parts and labor estimates, not a combined estimate. Then you can see how much they stack up, including parts costs if you compare to the on line parts costs.

20 mile round trips is “town or city” driving and that is stop and go mostly. 35K miles is about right if this is the majority of your miles.

Since your have a MB brake parts are going to be more specific and expensive for your car. Front and rear brakes with new rotors, you are looking at $500 to 1,000. The brake fluid should be flushed out and new fluid put in every 3 years and you are due for that as part of the brake job.

Seems like a quick phone call to your local indy or dealer would give you the answer you’re looking for.