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Brakes on Mercedes c230

My 2007 Mercedes has less than 11,000 miles & the dealer says it needs new front brakes. I drive using the shifter for the most part and don’t understand how they could need replacement so soon. I’ve had the car in several times for a “binding” noise on the front left brake, but they could find nothing wrong. What’s the expected life of brakes on this car? Dealer says it’s 12,000 miles.

The life of a set of brakes pads is WHOLLY dependent on the driver’s use. Some drivers can wear out a set of brakes in a few thousand miles; other drivers can drive as much as 100,000 miles on the original brakes. So, anystated mileage til wear-out, is booogusss.
Dealers, commonly, state that services need to be done at as much as 50% the time,or mileage, as the car maker recommends.
You could be better off by taking your car to a reputable brake shop (I know it’s a low mileage MB).